my name is francesca.

i have curly hair and i run.



i am a casual runner, not a competitive runner.

i started running in my early 30s but life happened, so i took a ten year hiatus.  i started running again in 2013 and have been running ever since.  i owe it all to the best cousin ever (let’s call her liz).  she persuaded me to run a 5k race.  she was very convincing.

but i don’t just run.  i love to bake super pretty pinned treats.  i love to plant flowers to help make the world a happier and prettier place. i love road trips, the more off the beaten path the better!  oh and i love kayaking remote rivers, minus bears.  i am scared of bears.

i decided to start this blog to help me prepare my mind, body and soul for my first marathon.  and i would love to read your thoughts and opinions. any questions i will do my best to answer.

by the way, the title of the blog was inspired by a local store owner, “oh! she is that curly haired runner girl that runs around town!” at least i am not that “crazy” curly haired runner girl.

happy running.




Photo by Zio Nino D’Arrigo

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