Cinnamon Rolls and the TCM


cinnamon roll recipes tend to be long and long recipes tend to disuade me. but short recipes using boxed/pre-made ingredients also disuade me. so i tried to settle on a recipe somewhere in between.

i found this recipe by Quest4ZBest at the recipe uses a bread maker to prep the dough. dump the ingredients into the machine, press start and 2 1/2 hours later, wala… dough!

i like that.

so this morning i whipped up a batch.

as the dough was mixing and doing it’s thing in my 1998 Panasonic machine, i hopped onto the Bowflex for a workout. next thing i knew i was searching for a race on my iPad.

i wanted a destination, non qualifying, doesn’t break the bank, road trip kind of race.


i started with a search for a half marathon… Alabama, California, Colorado, Nevada. oh hey, full marathons. Boston? ha, ha… no.  NYC? has a lottery, but in the end a super expensive trip. Flying Pig? race is in may. 18 weeks of training during the winter is not going to happen for this curly haired runner girl.

the Twin Cities Marathon? hmm… “The most beautiful urban marathon in America,” no need to qualify and a reasonable early registration entry fee. i like that. and i have never been to Minnesota.

so my destination race in 2018 is the Twin Cities Marathon.


i think i will try to hit that ideal running BMI again in preparation of training.


as soon as i finish this cinnamon roll.

o.m.g. i forgot how super duper delicious cinnamon rolls are.

make a batch.

one bite and your day will suddenly become a whole lot better.  like butterflies and flowers better.  trust me.


img_1033-4 recipe notes

-> flour:  

i used regular flour by mistake.  i totally missed that, and i even had some in the pantry. 

-> butter:

i use Land O’ Lakes butter in my recipes.  so to make it spreadable i nuke it for a few seconds.

-> rolling the dough:

i started at the shorter end.  oops.  so instead of 16 cinnamon rolls, we ended up with 8 huge rolls.  like Cinnabon size, which is fine if you want to feel like you just ate a Cinnabon. 

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