A Groovy Birthday Cake



this past winter we binge watched the Kid’s Baking Championship. and after the fourth episode, i wanted to bake a cake, a tie-dye cake. looked super fun.

i loved how the Valentine’s Day cookies turned out, so i went with all natural food coloring again.  i guess if i am going to eat something loaded with calories, make it with more natural ingredients, right?

and i have a vision, so i doodled it of course.



A Tie-Dye Birthday Cake

This tie-dye cake by Erin Gardner was the inspiration for my cake.

img_1033-4  What i used:

img_1033-4  What i did:

1.  I followed the instructions on the box to prepare the batter and used 8 inch cake pans.

Tip One:  I would recommend making sure the butter is super soft.  The instructions on the box does mention this, but I didn’t read that until after. Luckily I set the butter out on a day, when the temperature was in the 90s outside.

2.  To add color to the batter, I divided the batter into 6 smaller bowls.

3.   I added 12 drops of food coloring to each bowl creating a rainbow of colors.

Tip Two:   Orange – 6 drops of red and 6 of yellow, Purple – 6 drops of red and 6 of blue.  In case you skipped art class.

4.   Then just plopped each colored batter into the cake pan, tapping pan on counter after the last scoop was added.

5.    And waited patiently for the cake to bake…

I can see some of those colors popping through.

6.     Let the cakes cool for a couple hours.

7.     Made a batch of the whipped cream frosting.

Tip Three:  Make sure the cornstarch/powdered sugar mixture is completely cool before adding to bowl of stand mixer.  Recipe does state this.  I let mine sit for at least 45 minutes, so the mixture was pretty thick.  I whisked it a bit before adding to mixer, so it would incorporate into the whipped cream better.

8.  Used an offset spatula to spread the frosting.

And swirls and sprinkles later…


So groovy.

By the way if you know of a natural food coloring that produces a tie-dye cake with vibrant colors, please send a message my way!










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