The Detroit Free Press Half Marathon

twelve weeks, twelve days off from training, i completed the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon.  life got in the way again, but i plugged through the training days. well, almost all of them.

this round was a struggle.  i felt i was being tested daily, emotionally and physically, but here i am.

i ran those 13.1 miles, and never gave up just like mom reminded me to.


The Expo


always a cheesy photo opp available.

while waiting in line for my bib packet i was looking around at all the other runners.

who was running 26.2 miles tomorrow?  who was running the international half? or the U.S. only portion like me?

and then there was the t-shirt…

which was pretty neat.

that night we took a stroll in the city.


six miles later (it is all about the mileage) the rain started coming down pretty hard, so we stopped at Angelina Italian Bistro for some carbs.

Mediterranean Linguini

i had the pumpkin carrot cake for dessert. they wouldn’t give me the recipe. the nerve, i tell ya.


Race Day


the start time wasn’t until 10:30 am, super late, but i could sleep in.  i just couldn’t find a bagel anywhere in the city to go with my Justin’s almond butter. so i settled on an english muffin instead, and i was at the start line in plenty of time.

rain was in the forecast again, like a 50-70% chance of rain, and i had just bought a new pair of my current fav’ running shoe at fifty bucks off!

but very little rain!  just super high winds. wind is not a runner’s friend.  i felt the wind was pushing my legs sideways at one point, when i was running between two buildings. was crazy.  i could have walked faster.

and a hamstring cramp or two later, i finished.

we walked back to the hotel, i showered and chilled for a bit.  then we walked to Townhouse for my post race burger and fries tradition.

Townhouse Burger

i ate my burger, my fries and half of my husband’s fries. plus hot chocolate creme brulee for dessert. don’t judge. i was hungry, and they were truffle fries. how can you let truffle fries go to waste?


first race i completed after the loss of my mom.  no one to tell me how proud she was of me, like only a mother could.  but i like to think she was with me. watching me from the sidelines, smiling, waving and thinking, “So this is what it is like, when she runs a race.  She’s crazy.”



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