A Stroll in the Big City

ten years ago my husband and i headed to New York to see the Detroit Tigers play one of their final games at old Yankee Stadium.

two became four then six and so on. to commemorate that trip we all decided to fly in for a ten year reunion and see the Detroit Tigers play at the new Yankee Stadium.

and since i planned on logging a whole lot of steps on this trip (aka cross training for my half marathon), i needed to invest in a good pair of sandals.  it was summer after all.

so two days before we were scheduled to fly out i purchased these. the last pair i owned lasted ten years before i had to retire them.

and our last trip to NYC we walked about thirty miles. so this trip i wanted to make sure there was no chance of blisters and lots of comfort for those long strolls around the city.


this trip we logged fourty miles in four days, shouting out how many miles we walked so far that day. our goal was to beat the previous day’s record.

how did we walk that many miles?

well let me tell ya.

The Brooklyn Bridge

we started on the Brooklyn side.



The High Line

we decided to walk it from beginning to end.

Intrepid Museum


for my husband, a veteran, the admission was free of charge.  that was nice.


Central Park

we walked through Central Park on a Sunday.  people were lounging on the grass, walking, running, cycling… perfect day of the week to walk around the park. very relaxed atmosphere.


one my favorite places to visit and plus a little culture doesn’t hurt.

and all those miles and steps allowed me to eat stuff like this.

The Emmy Burger
The Emmy Burger

and this without eater’s remorse.

The Munchies for me and Pistachio Squared for my hub.

tip one: once you get your bearings in the city, getting around is much easier. i prefer my two feet, but sometimes that is not the best option. there is the subway (cheap) and a taxi cab (not so cheap), but it’s a big city. so when you are chowing on a super yummy burger deluxe and fries and suddenly realize you should be in line for the Harbor Lights Cruise in 30 minutes and are too far away to walk and the subway would take too long, you hail a cab.

tip two:  get in line for the Harbor Lights Cruise 30 minutes beforehand and sit on top for the best views and photo ops.  otherwise you may not be able to sit together or find a seat.


so if you are heading on a vacation get those legs and feet moving! that burger, pizza… ice cream or beer you ate will be well deserved after all those miles you logged on your trip.

our last morning in the city we walked a mile for breakfast round trip and didn’t even notice.

i like that.





this post was written at a time in my life i contemplated giving up my blog. life decided to take a turn. my mom became ill.  my focus shifted from running and my blog to trying to balance work, making sure my father was taken care of and she wasn’t alone dealing with this sudden diagnosis of cancer, a surgery and complications after.  i started to take days off from training.  some runs or cross days i just couldn’t squeeze in and other days i just didn’t want to.  luckily my job allowed me the time off so i could be with her. so i decided to spend my days and nights with her at the hospital while she remained with us.  one of the best decisions i ever made.

the weeks leading up to her diagnosis she started to tell me to never give up. and since she passed away, i try to remember what she said to me, never give up.

so here i am, still blogging and training for my half marathon in october.





i miss her.






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