this year i decided to pass on another marathon. i am not ready to commit to the intense training involved.  the early morning runs, the long distance runs on the weekends that left me exhausted most of the day. the having to explain why i was late or could not do something because of the training. felt it was easier to lie in the end, sadly.

so this year on Jan 1st i signed up for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. the race offers a huge discount for signing up early. i couldn’t pass it up.

and today is Day 1 of another round of half marathon training.  roughly three months after my last training ended, so not too bad really.

last year while waiting for the Chicago Marathon lottery results, i was checking out the Detroit Free Press Marathon as a backup.  i researched hotels, their distance to the race, best place for burgers, brunch, etc… the important stuff.  and even though i won’t be tackling a marathon this year, i will still be running my favorite distance, 13.1.

and i am already planning the race weekend of course. that is how i roll.

this is what i found so far…

things to do:

  • a little culture: DIA.  one of my favorite places to zone out, get lost and wander.

fall is my absolute favorite.  so i am super excited to run a race, hang in Detroit for a couple of days and then head out on a little adventure… destination to be announced.


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