Me and My Bicycle

it has been an interesting year my friends.

i could discuss my troubles and woes with you all, but we all have troubles and woes.  and i have never really been good at the discussing part.

there has been sadness, frustration and very little patience.  became so bad that i became apathetic to bad news… bring it on world!  but there was a birth, a life being created and the sun came up everyday, the flowers bloomed, the hummingbirds migrated north… life continued.  tomorrow was another day (think Scarlett O’Hara, Gone With the Wind).

life is rough sometimes, but i like to think how we deal with it is how it defines us.  so i try to keep my chin up and try to remember to filter my thoughts before they escape my lips.  eek.

so this weekend my husband and i took a time out.

Wabash Cannonball Trail


a trail built to serve as recreation and a utility corridor along an old abandoned railroad line, Wabash Railroad.  pretty smart idea wouldn’t ya say?



so if times get tough runner friends just go for a run, a little bike ride or a walk. ditch the phone and take a look around you.  notice that oriole or that swallowtail flying around you… that bluebird peeking it’s head out of a birdhouse you happen to see along the way.

i think you will feel a little bit better in the end.






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