Superhero 5K: Five Races Later


it seems surreal that i have stuck with running this long. i lasted roughly three years last time, so there is hope i am going to stick with running for many years to come.

at least i hope so.

this year is my fifth Superhero 5K race.  and i decided to run the race and have fun, not placing any focus on my time. or at least for the first 2.8 miles i was not going to, then i would just try to out run everyone in my path.

don’t hate me.  that’s how i roll.

Superhero 5k

race morning starts off with coffee and Justin’s almond butter on a half bagel.


love that stuff.


this race is low key.  there is easy parking, no lines for the port a potty and packet pickup is the morning of, so no extra trip needed the day before.  love that.

and there is plenty of time to get in place for the start of the race.

the race begins in Loranger Square near the courthouse.




and there is plenty of elbow room for me to run this race.  the race weaves in and out of historic downtown Monroe, Michigan.


the last quarter mile i picked up my pace and finished strong.  crazy how your legs just go.  there is something to be said about that second wind.


how did i do?  second place in my age group. not first, but i will take it.

runners, do you find your gps time is always better than the race posted time? i react always with a “Wha’?!” when i see the results.  but then i remember i just ran a race and that is what matters.

be proud runners.


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