Owen’s Corning Half Marathon

a spring half marathon

trained and done.

and it was an interesting ride.

the half training plan i follow lasts 12 weeks regardless of the race.  i started this round with a goal based on speed. but four days in, it started to feel a lot like my marathon training. i was tired and wished it was over, so i took it down a notch.

tip one:  if you are training and feel constantly tired, wishing every run would just end, you may need to reevaluate and take it down a notch. it’s ok.

winter is not the best running time for me. don’t get me wrong, i love the seasons. but winter is supposed to be my hibernation period, a break from race training.  signing up for a race in the spring kind of blew that for me.

and this year life happened and my running became a struggle. illnesses, stress at work, some sad stuff… life in general took a toll on me.  i was doing a lot of moaning and groaning on my way to the gym or out the door to get a run in.

tip two:  if life interferes, juggle your training schedule.  if it is motivation you need, change your route or music… try a new gel or chew.  just get your toosh out the door and run.  you will feel better in the end that you ran.  trust me.

and i missed five days of training this round.  five.

tip three: if you miss a run or two during training, be careful.  especially when it is a continuous cycle.  a day here or there is ok, but a full week or two is sketchy.  you do not want to end up with an injury. 

Owen’s Corning Half Marathon

i threw caution to the wind the night before and made lasagna. i ate two huge servings.  not smart i know.


but i woke up tummy trouble free. i drank my coffee, guzzled some water and ate my half bagel with Justin’s butter.  this time the chocolate hazelnut version, because that was all i could find in a single serving packet at the grocery store… and it was good. 

and this was my first race running with marathoners.  we started at the same time with a split over 8 miles in.  watching those runners run through the 26.2 archway, as i made my way over to the 13.1, was a huge motivation.  i thought, “you have about 5 miles to go, they have 18.”


that was enough to keep me going.

the route weaved in and out and up and down a few hilly streets (eek).  but it was a beautiful route.  we ran through neighborhoods with tree lined streets and spotted only one or two disgruntled drivers which was super nice.

and i finished.


i had to use my smartphone to help me get back to my parking spot.  yes, i was that person holding their phone and moving in the direction of the arrow.

tip four:  the more races you do, the more comfortable you will become going solo.  even though you do not have a running buddy or significant other with you, the crowds cheering you on and the volunteers will keep you motivated.  they are amazing.

and of course i stopped at Five Guys to get my burger and fries after! that’s the important part anyway, right?! 😉  and i even ran into a few fellow race runners while i was there.

now off to grab an ice cream sandwich.


yup, still hungry.


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