An “Unofficial” Half Marathon


it has been almost four years now, since i ran the 5k that motivated me to start running again. and i never expected to run a distance greater than 3 miles.

6.2 miles?! no way.

five months later i ran Run Some Mora, a 10K race in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

a half marathon?!  ha, haaa. when people asked if i would ever run a half marathon, i thought, “nope, you’re crazy.”

six months later i ran my first “unofficial” half marathon.

not sure what triggered my decision to run a half.  there was a race nearby, maybe that was it. regardless, i decided to do it.

i was hesitant to sign up for a race. i was going to be on vacation for ten days before the day, so i was nervous i would not be able to keep up with the training while away. and the thought of getting up that early for a half, after coming back from a vacation, sounded like a nightmare.

so i decided to do my own half.

figured if i could stick to the training, even while on vacation, i could do it. Hal said i could, and he had not failed me yet.  i planned on running the same day as the half was scheduled.  just wake up whenever and run the 13.1 miles, out my front door and in my own little village.

so i did.

my husband met me to switch out my hydration bottle.  i didn’t carry a phone.  he just met me at the usual spot.  i didn’t carry any gels.  didn’t really know enough about them at the time.  i did have gummy bears with me just in case. and a coworker let me borrow her son’s Garmin, so i could keep track of my mileage.

i ran the 13.1 miles, walked back home, walked in the door and yelled “i am back! hello! … anybody?” i was proud of myself, but did feel a little sad there was no one there to congratulate me.  pathetic, i know.

the following year i ran my first official half marathon.

the next year, i ran a destination half marathon.

my favorite race medal to date, a horseshoe!

Monroe Half Marathon 2015


runners, it is ok to have run your own race.  you do not need to pay for a crowd of people cheering you on, a bib pinned to your shirt and a medal hanging from your neck to have bragging rights you ran the miles.  don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.  i have had other runners, in not so many words, tell me my first half didn’t really count.  ok, so it was an unofficial half marathon.


13.1 miles = a half marathon

😛 is what i wanted to say to them.


– f.



my “unofficial” first half marathon t-shirt.  it was a gift from my husband for Christmas that year.  he designed it himself, “because you get a t-shirt, when you run a race.” *tear. 




p.s. check this out!  you can print a bib, get a medal and run when and where you want!  i have always wanted a Turkey Trot in my own town… hmm…  number of runners: one please.

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