The Letters D, O and M

my cousin welcomed their first baby over a month ago, two days after Christmas.

the birth of little Dom was exciting news and unexpected.  i guess he couldn’t wait any longer to meet his awesome family and decided to arrive a few days early.

and he is cute.

so of course i started planning my letters for little Dom and the new parents.  with the help of my husband, i came up with a plan.  my cousin is a Detroit Lions fan, so i decided to incorporate the team colors.

this is what we came up with…


luckily i had two of the colors i needed already stashed away in my yarn collection: Sugar ‘n Cream’s ecru and blue jeans.  sounds like that should be a song… “ecru and blue jeans, la, la, la…”

i used I Love this Cotton’s dove yarn for the silver/light grey color.  Sugar ‘n Creams’ overcast was too dark, more of a charcoal grey.

since i was deviating from the pattern by inserting stripes, i had to have a plan. what row do i insert the stripes? how many rows?  i used excel to help with the stripe placement, so the colors in the letter didn’t look too wonky.

luckily each of the letters, O and M, had a set of rows working in continuous stocking knit stitch, so the stripes could be inserted easily.

and then i found this yarn by Sugar ‘n Cream, after i finished the D. it is called pebble, the perfect color for my Lions’ theme.  so i purchased the yarn and used it for the O and M.

Lovin’ the stripes. Hope mom and dad do too.
not sure if it was the switching from color to color on the stripes, but i had to reknit sections of the O and M a couple of times.

i have read M&Ms can help keep track of what row you are knitting. place an M&M in a bowl for every row needing to be knit, and at the end of a knitted row eat one. mmm… i don’t think that is a good idea for us health conscious crafty runners. 

i used almonds.

also, throw caution to the wind.  if you feel there are not enough rows of a color or you would like to switch out a color, do it.  the more you knit the more confident you become.



as i was knitting the left leg of the M, i modified my stripe pattern.  i replaced a pebble stripe with an ecru.  i felt there needed to be a pop of color.





i like it.




i included the instructions below, so if all likelihood, you are wanting to knit letters for a boy named Dom (short for Dominic) and both parents are Lions fans.

The Letter O


Shaping the Left Leg

  • Rows 21-22: ecru
  • Rows 23-27: pebble
  • Rows 28-31: ecru
  • Rows 32-36: blue jeans
  • Rows 37-38: ecru

Repeat above for Shaping Right Side.

The Letter M

Shaping Left “Leg”

  • Rows 1-11: blue jeans
  • Rows 12-18: pebble
  • Rows 19-22: blue jeans
  • Rows 23-25: ecru
  • Rows 26-28: blue jeans

Repeat for Shaping Right “Leg.”

you can use any team color combo.  doodle your ideas. use crayons or colored pencils to design your letters. make the hair blonde or red, spiked, curly or straight. have fun!

be flexible. you may end up changing your original plan as you knit like i did.

Hi.  My name is Dominic.

i skipped the arms and switched from curly to spiked hair on the letter D.

i resisted my OCD and urge to reknit the D since that letter was knitted with a different brand of yarn. i felt the D still looked cute with the other letters, no?






i used the mattress stitch to piece the letters together, stuffing each letter as i knitted. then added hair and embroidered the eyes and smile.

three hours of binge watching Stranger Things later, i was done.





ready for the car ride to little Dom’s crib.






happy knitting,


next project? maybe a knitted “F & E” for my crafty section of our den?

knitting-needles-2 Tips

One:  maybe purchase bamboo needles or you may end up with bent needles like i did.

Two:  i used this site as a guide to switch colors when knitting.


pay attention to what row and color you are knitting. i was so proud of this M, until my husband noticed the mistake in the letter.  i was like wha’?! ya, look at the right leg.

ugh, ugh, ugh.

so that is why the right leg seemed shorter.  it was missing a blue stipe. duh.

i had two options, reknit the entire letter or learn the kitchener stitch.  i tried to tackle the kitchener stitch. it was too much for my right brain to handle. i ended up reknitting the letter.

ce’st la vie.

you can purchase the individual letter patterns or the entire alphabet book, The Secret Lives of Letters by Dani the Knit Knoodler, through Ravelry or Etsy.



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