A “I just a got over a virus need cookies!” Post


after a virus that spread from my aunt to my mom and to me over the holidays, i was ready for food again and something sweet and big.

i caught one of those laryngitis, lost all sense of smell, nothing tastes good viruses. unless it had lots of spice or salt, forget about it. not even chocolate tasted good. i know! gasp.

as i was on the Bowflex this morning, first workout in four days (my lungs not ready for running), i scrolled through my pins and these ginormous cookies, Martha’s Giant Kitchen Sink Cookies at Alexandra’s Kitchen, caught my eye. and the photos are gorgeous.

i quickly hopped off the Bowflex, said the magic words to my husband, “I was thinking about making cookies, but I need a few ingredients.”  and in less than five minutes, he was in the car backing out of the driveway, heading to the grocery store.  he is cute.

i modified the recipe just a smidgeon:

  • light brown sugar –> dark brown sugar
  • coarsely chopped dark chocolate –> Ghiardelli semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • dried cherries –> chopped
  • pecans –> chopped

lots of healthy goodness in there.
the prebake cookie…

told ya. BIG.
i also tried refrigerating the dough for about five minutes to reduce the spread as suggested, but the baking time increased significantly.  i kept adding minutes to get that golden brown.

i have a fear of raw cookies.  we watch a lot of baking shows, so you never want to hear, “See how raw the inside of that is.” our current favorite is The Great British Baking Show. we love it.

i could only fit four to a baking sheet, because they baked huge. some still nudged into the other a bit.

and the recipe made 9 cookies. one extra. bonus!

p.s. sadly my photos are not even close to being as gorgeous as Alexandra’s. i didn’t have a litle cutie with rosy cheeks to model for me.

so i settled on this guy instead.



warning: one cookie equals a five miler, at least.

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