A New Year


me after a winter run

over fives batches of holiday cookies baked this season, and a few of them ended up in my belly.

ok, so a lot of them ended up in my belly.

and you know what? zero regrets.

the freezing temps, snow and ice had reduced my running to a treadmill, alternating it with cross training on a Bowflex (that showed up at our house one late afternoon). and my weight had slightly bumped up since my marathon.

i know, shocker. even with working out 6 to 7 days a week. maybe it was those cookies i inhaled on a daily basis.

whatever it was, clothes don’t lie folks.

but i am back on track. and the slightly warmer temps has allowed me to run outside. woo-hoo!

and there is some truth to those articles that tell us the more you exercise, the less you eat.


Christmas Day 10K


starting january 29th i will be training for a half marathon in april, the Owens Corning Half Marathon. and i have winter gear and clothes to survive the cold. this is my fourth winter running season.

to brave the cold i check the temperature and wind speed before i head out. how i dress is based on the temperature plus 20 degrees. it works for me.

my winter gear:

  • a jacket with thumbholes and a hood – i do not own an insulated running jacket, because i get hot.
  • running pants – i do not own thermal pants yet.
  • thin smartphone friendly running gloves
  • fleece headband – for my ears, eek.
  • Buff headwear – love, love these to tame my ‘do.  and i can convert the headband into a balaclava for those windy, cold Midwest winter runs.  my face hurts, when temps dip below the 20s.  (see below. 😛 )
  • socks – i love Feetures.
  • tissues – for the drippy nose.


note to self: consider hiring a model.



17 degree temp

northwest wind at 13 mph





New Year’s Day 10K


20 degree temp

southwest wind at 3 mph


perfect running conditions








what do you wear?  and how are your winter runs?

how do you keep up the mileage?  some runners have told me they don’t run on a treadmill, but how do they train for a spring half or full marathon during the winter? wouldn’t there be a lot of training days skipped?  hmm…

– f

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