The Letter M and A Cow


when my cousin (the runner) was pregnant with little M, i knitted the letter M as a gift for her baby shower.

she loved it so much i bought the entire alphabet pattern book (The Secret Lives of Letters by Dani the Knit Knoodler) and knitted more letters for her.

now that my cousin-in-law is having her first baby. i have an excuse to crochet or knit something again. they are waiting until the big day to find out if it is a boy or girl, so i will have to hold off on the letters for now.

i crocheted Simi the Monkey (by Amy at Little Muggles) for a coworker over a year ago.  i needed a winter project, so his wife having a baby was an excuse. and he turned out huge. 12 inches tall huge. doesn’t sound big, but Simi compared to the little one was big.

and i really want to crochet this little guy, Spike the Dragon, desperately for a little one.  he is so cute i cannot stand it.

but for now i decided to crochet Clementine the Cow as a Christmas gift for little M.  after staring at the yarn and color choices for about an hour at the hobby store, i settled on my colors.

“What sound does a cow make?” little M, “Mooo…”

hope she likes Clementine.


this cotton yarn, called I Love this Cotton, is sooo soft.
an ear










more progress photos to follow…


img_1252    ,



oh, and p.s. maybe this for the lucky Christmas gift exchangee? or not so lucky, :P.  what sound does a sheep make? baaaa….



   November 28, 2016:

Almost finished…


 December 11, 2016:


Ready to be wrapped for little M.

Happy Holidays !






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