so i threw caution to the wind.

i signed up for a half marathon, the Monroe Half Marathon, less than a month after i ran the Chicago Marathon and two days before the race.

no training logged and hadn’t ran over 5 miles since the marathon, and i decided to sign up for a half.

i needed a race truth be told. race withdrawal set in. and i felt my body expanding and my muscles atrophying. or at least my mind told me so.

and when i mentioned the race to my husband? after a brief look of shock, he said, “Go for it!”

so i did.



i did the usual. hydration the days before, carbs the night before, and a bagel the morning of with natural pb and organic stawberry preserves.



i grabbed the gels i had leftover from the marathon and headed out the door.

i blocked my urge to overthink. will this hurt me in the long run (literally)?  will i be able to run the 13.1 miles? or is my body still in recovery mode?

i didn’t Google my answers.

i decided to, as Nike would say, “Just Do It.”

what happened?

well, let me tell ya…





i ran it.  13.1 miles three weeks after 26.2.

no gps, just me and my running jams playlist.









the last three miles i struggled. my husband took this shot of me smiling. rare.

i started to feel achy.  i overdressed.

and i was hot.




but i finished.



and i inhaled a banana and two bottles of water at the post race tent.

then stopped to stretch under a gorgeous oak tree.

toes pose, my favorite post run stretch

and ended the day with a burger and fries.  a delicious post race tradition.


i was full and exhausted.  i was done.

would i recommend running a race three weeks after a full? mmm, not really. and if you do, run it for fun. don’t look at your gps or push yourself so hard you end up with an injury.

like my husband said to me that morning before the race, “Just think of it as you were going out for a little run.”

love him.







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