A Baby Shower


wait.  what? A Baby Shower?!

my blog is about running, totally.  but i also bake. i grow things. i travel. and i get crafty, especially during the late fall and winter months (race break!).

thus new category, Crafty Runner.

my cousin-in-law is having a baby in january, and i was selected to be on the shower decorating committee. i have a history of being called “Martha Stewart,” because i tend to make parties over the top.  i just want people to have so much fun they are exhausted, when they leave. and i like to add a little personal touch to parties, a little craftiness.

for this baby shower there were a few requests.  it was not to be overly baby shower-ish and would have to involve the woodland theme. ok. got it.

holy Google, the ideas out there.  i went from i really need to put this aside until after my marathon, to obsessing what color the tablecloths should be. is that too bright, too dark, too plain?  will it coordinate with the rest of the baby shower decorations?  should i add burlap? oooh… pine cones?! flowers in mason jars?!

i went to Hobby Lobby and plopped into my shopping cart woodland animals and stickers, scrapbook paper, sticker letters, ribbon, confetti, branches…

two plus hours later i left with everything i thought i would need, with the help of my husband. say what? i know. husband?! yeah, he wanted to help me. (over 18 weeks of me training and talking about the Chicago Marathon and he helps me with a baby shower. man, i owe him big time.)

so my personal touches and craftiness for the shower were handmade banners.


for the mailbox i used scrapbook paper, added a few woodland and letter stickers and secured the paper with ribbon.  the mailbox was surrounded by mums and a pumpkin, set on a bale of straw (a last minute errand by my husband. i tell ya, he is awesome.)



for the guest tables i added twine wrapped mason jars (borrowed from a previous wedding reception) and had them filled with flowers of orange and gold hues.

there were burlap runners, woodland themed confetti and woodland animals too of course.





these little guys held trail mix and Chex mix for the guests.



and the cake… omg’sh the cake.  over the top cuteness.


and there were woodland animal cookies my cousin-in-law whipped up for the shower. almost too pretty to eat. almost.



the mom and dad to be were happy.

the shower was a success.

mission accomplished.

the banners were inspired by Pinterest.  and the how to instructions are below.

Pennant Banner:

  • a variety of color coordinated colored/patterned 12 x 12 scrapbook paper (Heavy card stock is preferred. I used both.)
  • a 12-inch paper cutter
  • hole puncher
  • twine
  • letter stickers

I followed this video by Katie of The Crafty Blog Stalker to cut each paper into 8 6-inch pennants.

This sly little fox was the inspiration for my color scheme.


My husband punched two holes in each pennant.  And I attached letter stickers to one set of pennants to spell out “Little Deer.” Get it?


And I created two more banners for the “Gifts” and “Sweets” tables.

After the pennants were cut and the holes punched out, we laid the pennants in the order we wanted them displayed. made it a lot easier for us, when we were ready to string them up.

We cut the length of the twine so we had enough to thread through the letters and then some. We added two feet to each end in case we wanted to add more pennants.  We could cut the excess twine, if needed.

When we were ready to string up the banner, we started with the first pennant we wanted displayed. Threaded the twine front to back (left hole) and back to front (right hole) of each pennant. This method helped keep the pennants flat, when displayed.

With a few helpers we strung them up, and used small command hooks to hold the banners in place.

next project?

maybe this or this for a couple little ones. sshh…

until next time,



cake by Sweet Remix (Toledo, Ohio).

flowers by Monroe Florist.

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