It’s over. What’s next?

that feeling when you are super excited about something. the hard work you put into it. the anticipation for the day to arrive. then the day comes and poof, it’s over.



you feel a little bummed, and think, “What’s next?”


then you realize it is time for another goal.

maybe i’ll try to whip up “that best cookie ever” recipe (please share if you do). or read a book a month… maybe smile and laugh more.

go back to running 3 to 4 times a week as long as i want and when i want.

not sure if i can do this again.  not sure if i want to do this again. the training, the early morning runs, the time and days you need to set aside for that goal.  felt selfish, but also felt wonderful to do something for yourself.

to put yourself first.  despite the obstacles that come your way.  you figure it out and move on.  and if not, oh well.

we shall see what the next year brings.  i will run the Superhero 5K again, sure.  will i run another marathon? not sure.  will i run a half marathon?  mmm… probably.

will the 18 weeks devoted to marathon training be forgotten and the end elation only be remembered?  and i lose my mind and enter the lottery for the New York City Marathon? or sign up for the Detroit Marathon?

i can be unpredictable.

i like that.

we shall see runner friends.



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