Chicago Marathon: Plan A


we are heading west for Chicago on friday before the big day.

happy to be driving. i can pack whatever, leave whenever and don’t have to worry about making it to the airport on time.  key to this trip is to relax as much as possible (if that is even possible).

our drive time to Chicago is four hours give or take.


Talbott Hotel, reserved.  includes a mini frige (yay for my runner needs) and a tub for a post race ice bath. all i can picture is me in the tub, race clothes still on, zombie like, eating nuts and berries with a bottle of Gatorade and water next to me as my husband slowly dumps ice into the tub. lovely.


ParkWhiz, reserved.

 coffee shop:

Le Pain Quotidien

it is open until 8 pm!  love coffee shops.


  • Siena Tavern or Lula Cafe, brunch.  eggs (protein), bacon (protein) and pancakes (carbs) please.
  • Hutch, dinner. reserved. need to make sure i eat early enough and enough the night before the big race.
  • Morton’s Steakhouse, dinner. reserved. after the big race for my husband. for having the faith in me, before i had it in myself to run a marathon. i couldn’t have made it this far without him. and for being the proofreader and photographer of this blog. x.


app insalled. need to make sure i get there on time sunday. eek.

race over, let there be food! some fun places i spotted on the web:

not too exhausted fun stuff to do:

i will keep this link handy.  cracked me up.  love the blunt honesty.

safe travels Chicago Marathon runners.


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