Carbo Loading

are you as confused as i am, when it comes to carbo loading?

before a race or run greater than 5 miles, i try to eat half a bagel topped with natural peanut butter and organic preserves an hour and a half before the start. but the carbo loading leading up to a race?  the articles on the internet are overwhelming.  the week before, week of, day before…

from what i understand, runners need carbs. and from what i read the carbs help with glycogen stores and that helps a runner avoid “hitting the wall” during a marathon. ok. and add protein, got it.

i guess that is why aiming for an ideal runner’s bmi was an epic failure during my marathon training. i got hungry. and carb was my friend.  sometimes my best friend.

as my mileage increased during the training i upped the carbs. on week 13 for my 18 miler (longest ever for me) i made sure i was adequately hydrated the day before. and i incorporated carbs and protein.

i know, the resemblance is uncanny.


i ate sliced chicken with prov’ and spicy mustard on a bagel for lunch.




for dinner i boiled elbow and penne noodles (trying to get rid of any open boxes in the pantry).

topped it with italian sausage and chopped grape tomatoes from our garden mixed with fresh b.o.p (basil, oregano and parsley), salt, pepper and olive oil.



and the freshness of those garden tomatoes, when i took a bite… gooood.

and i forgot how yummy pasta could be.

so for the week leading up to the Chicago Marathon i decided to incorporate some type of carb daily into at least one of my meals. and the day before add carb to each meal with some protein.

A List of Some Carbohydrate-Rich Foods:

  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Cereal
  • Potatoes
  • Fruit


just going to avoid the spicy, greasy, cheesy stuff a couple days before the big day to be on the safe side.  eek.




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