A Reward


i decided to do something for myself to commemorate my first marathon.  not a tattoo, because i can only picture a wrinkly tattoo on my skin years from now looking ridiculous, and there are too many choices out there… and maybe a fear of needles and infections.

so i decided… ready for it? diamond stud earrings.  i know, it sounds tacky. girly. i searched the internet and found this pair through Tiffany and Co.

i saw Blood Diamond, so of course, i am hesitant.  i read Tiffany’s corporate responsibility and decided to buy a pair through them.  and based on other reviews, this is the company i chose.  i also found a shop in Chicago open the day after the marathon.

now i could very well change my mind.  is it a waste of money?  some articles on the internet tell me so.

i know the sense of accomplishment should be enough, but i wanted something to remember it by.  and a photo is not going to be good enough.  we all know how we look post race.  yikes.

when i wear those earrings, i will be reminded of my first marathon. plus i can pass my marathon earrings on to someone special, after i depart from this world many years from now.

or will i just keep them in the little blue box for fear of losing them?  sounds more like me.

do you have any other suggestions?  what did you do to celebrate your first big race?  doesn’t matter the distance runner friends.  be proud.

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