Weeks 10 and 11

less than 8 weeks until the Chicago Marathon.  my mileage is increasing and my training is becoming a bigger part of my daily life.  sometimes it can get a little stressful.  and to make matters worse, i squeezed in a 12 day road trip when my mileage started increasing.  i am nuts.


i woke up on a saturday at 4 am, ran ten miles, showered, chugged a protein drink, jumped into our rental Jeep and headed west. the Jeep packed to the gills.

we drove through Illinois (Springfield, Land of Lincoln), Iowa (Des Moines, Hawkeye State) and Nebraska (Lincoln, Cornhusker State). stopping in Wyoming (Cheyenne, Equality State) for a week.

what’s up with the (…)?  my husband and i quiz each other on state capitals and their nicknames to offset the boredom using a Rand McNally map, highlighting the route as we go… in case you were wondering.

destination? Grand Teton National Park, then Yellowstone and finally South Dakota (Pierre, Mount Rushmore State).

glad to write we made it there in one piece, except for a tantrum or two from me on how booooored i was and my occasional “are we there yet?” behavior. you can quiz one another only so much on the state capitals and their nicknames.

in two days we made it to our first camp site, Signal Mountain in Grand Teton National Park.


Our home for three days.


we walked along Snake River.


we took a stroll down Mormon Row.


we hiked to Inspiration Point and walked around Jackson Hole… cross training! and scarfed down a burger and sweet potato fries at MacPhail’s. ok so maybe that last one was not technically cross training.  but we camped for 3 days.  totally earned it?

and… we drove roughly 45 minutes one morning, so i could run 8 miles on the treadmill at a club.  20 dollars for one day, yikes, but i was able to take a loooong hot shower after vs 7 minutes at the campground.

three days later, we packed up our home and headed north to Yellowstone National Park to set up camp at Canyon Village Campground.


Our home for four days.


lots of cross training in Yellowstone.

like a 4 1/2 hour round trip hike to Mt Washburn Summit cross training.



and the boardwalks at Mammoth Hot Springs, Norris Geyser Basin, Midway Geyser Basin and Old Faithful were actually walks, like give yourself at least 2 hours for each.

not a stop, get out, take a pic and go type deal. i had no clue.

Grand Prismatic Spring


Strollin’ on the Boardwalks



p.s. and Old Faithful is not just Old Faithful.  There are geysers galore.  yeah, no clue here.

Old Faithful

some of the wildlife we encountered…



so after four days, we packed up and drove to South Dakota…

Mount Rushmore




my marathon training?

i think it went pretty darn well. i did a few additional switcheroos.  i ran 3 miles in 85 degrees, in the rain and at an elevation of 6800 feet in Rawlins, WY.  i had issues one day in Grand Teton (four miles was a wash) and in Rapid City, SD my 15 miler ended up being 11.76. maybe due to driving 8 plus hours, checking in to our hotel after 7:30pm and the fitness center room temp being set at 79 degrees?!! sounds like excuses, but i really tried.

overall i was happy. content.

but going on a vacation for 12 days will definitely test one’s commitment to marathon training.

would i recommend going on a vacation for two weeks during training? no. but if you are committed and ok with a few switcheroos, it can be done.  you can do both. or give up one. and that was not happening for this curly haired runner girl.



– f.


oh! and p.s. the bear thing? we saw five. all from the safe distance of our car. a black bear was taking a stroll on the road on our drive up to Signal Mountain Summit,  but we were so in awe we lost the photo opp. here is a shot of two out of five…





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