The View

i live in a small town in the midwest.  my scenic route involves crossing an overpass, fairly new subdivisions, a small historic downtown, a high school and semi-deserted roads (that i am sure were created for a flourishing economy that never happened).  there are sidewalks, and if i have to run in the street, traffic is pretty light.  i am lucky.


before heading out i check the weather, especially the wind direction.  i have a five mile route that goes through my downtown but faces east, and i have to run west to get back home.  yeah, you understand.  wind.  lots of wind.  i should be glad, right?  it’s resistance, builds strength.  but there are times i feel like Lt Dan in Forrest Gump, on the shrimp boat, yelling at the rain and wind.  i have cursed, laughed and flipped off that wind sometimes.  and there are times no matter which direction i run, i am heading into the wind.  i am convinced mother nature is secretly laughing.

we have all seen the articles listing amazing, gorgeous places to run.  i call them vacation runs.  if you are one of those runners, who have a view like that every day, super jealous.  and if you are a runner who runs in a city, wow.  i am in awe.  dodging pedestrians, waiting for a signal to turn… witnessed that in NYC last december. or the runner who has no where to run but one road, because they live in the country… view is open land or farmland.  wow again.

hot 10 miler. whew.



we runners run wherever, because we can.  would love to hear where you run everyday.  do you dodge bears? (eek.  eek.)



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