“Rest” Days

there are two days on my training schedule that make me giddy, “rest” and “cross.”  well, the rest day is a no brainer, but even the cross day is sort of a break.  sort of.

here are a few of my go to cross training workouts:



Yard Work


during the warm months a cross training day for me can be watering our garden or flower bed, weeding or mowing and trimming our one acre lot.

my husband and i mow our yard with a rider and/or push lawn mower.  if there is time and a work out is in order, i will use the push. four hours of pushing a lawn mower around the yard, including trimming.  i gps’d it one afternoon.  7 miles. woa.



A Bike Ride



we live close enough to a few parks, so we can mount our bikes on the suv and make a day of it.  before heading out we open the back hatch, sit with our legs dangling, and eat a packed lunch including seedy crackers, salami, olives, cheese and dark chocolate caramels sprinkled with sea salt for dessert. then spend ours riding on the park trails.

also, we have the Tour de Troit nearby every year.  such an awesome ride and a great way to see Detroit, but that is a post for another day…




my favorite.



The Gym


the gym has saved me on a few nasty weather days.  hop on the elliptical, watch the food network or hgtv, and let time slip by.  easy, peasy.  unless it is like a 100 degrees in there.  then it feels like the water is being sucked out of me.



most of my training schedules do not include strength training.  so if i remember, i add weights to the cross days.



Stroll on the High Line, NYC

i know, vacations?!  luckily my husband loves to kayak, hike, bike and walk for miles.  last december we went to New York City for the holiday hoopla.  (by the way, you must go if you get a chance.  the city is super beautiful all Christmas-y and the window displays are ready for it?  magical.) we logged 30 miles over three days. 30. oh and beach vacations, i can be in the water for hours.  cross training!




my inspiration to get back into running had the cutest baby ever last year.  not too long ago we met up at a mall for some overdue shopping.  we were on “limited time,” meaning before she would need her nap or become increasingly bored that shopping would have to end.  while my cousin scanned the racks for clothes to try on, i pushed her in the stroller.  fed her tiny goldfish, stopped at the full length mirrors to giggle or dance.  when i got home i was exhausted!  i do not have children.  so a shout out to all the parents out there!

what do you do to cross train?  do you live near a beach?  jealous.  do you live in Colorado and hike?! i feel like that is what you do in Colorado, no? Or maybe that is Utah? jealous again.  are you a parent and are able to squeeze in a run or a marathon for that matter? you are my hero.




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