A Blog-iter


i am not sure when my interest in blogs began. i came across one somewhere that captured my interest. think it was Merry Gourmet? whichever one it was, boom, i was hooked.  my social news feed has at least two, if not more, new blog post alerts by the blogs i follow on a daily basis.

there seems to be a plethora (my big word of the day) of blog sites out there that are simply beautiful, funny and inspiring… from food, to travels, to simple living and of course running. simple writing to Pulitzer Prize kind of writing.  and those with an A+ in grammar.  you will not find that here by the way. grammatical errors guarenteed. oh sorry, guaranteed.

i admire bloggers’ creativity.  and the photographs… so many gorgeous photographs!  i doodle.  taking a photo and the whole photoshop thing stresses me out.  adjust the lighting? color? contrast? or no? “undo.” aahhhhh.  i will stick to doodles.

when i started my blog i thought, “but i live in a little midwest town. no mountains, no farm, no big city, no big travels to speak of. why would anyone possibly want to read my blog?”

then i remembered why i was doing it.  a lot for me – to help with my marathon training and keep me motivated.  but if i can also make someone laugh or even inspire them?! well, even better.

p.s. i decided the title “blogger” needs to be updated. i think bloggers are more of like an artist/writer –  a “blogister” or “blogiter.”  they kind of have a ring to them, yes? maybe not.


a list of some of my favorite (blogiters) bloggers:

  • Erin Boyle, Reading My Tea Leaves – tiny apartment living in the big city, simplifying life
  • Beth Kirby, Local Milk – beautiful photos, beautiful writing
  • Molly Yeh, My Name is Yeh – makes me want to bake cakes and have chickens.  she seems unbelievably cute.
  • Chelsea Fuss, Frolic – makes me want to quit my job and travel, work for my room and board
  • Kelly Roberts, Run, Selfie, Repeat – makes selfies funny again
  • Merry-Jennifer, Merry Gourmet – a doctor with a family who finds time to have a blog.  think she was the first blog i followed.


so a shout out to all the bloggers out there!



a blogister –


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