Vacation vs Training

my husband and i are heading out west this summer.  super excited.  love road trips.

we have everything reserved from hotels to campsites to rental car.  this was before i decided to commit to a marathon.  now that i am in the Chicago Marathon and will be in training,  i am obsessed with how to get my runs in during this vacation.  cross training? no problem.

we will be in a national park, camping, and no gym nearby to walk to at least.  due to my fear of bears i will not be running in the park.  absolutely not. and i have never been camping.

my idea of camping


so last night i spent a couple of hours comparing my training schedule to my vacation plan. where will we be? does the hotel have a fitness center? how close is a fitness center? can i juggle a couple of days around without sacrificing my training days?  long runs too close together? aaaahh!

the (current) plan

i made a few phone calls, and came up with a plan.

not a great one, but it will work.  so thankful to have a husband who understands my need to train on vacation.  some people work during vacation.  i run.

i am going to make a point of not discussing my training the entire time we are on vacation.  and there are two days we will be driving to a gym, so i can get my miles in on a treadmill.  yeah, he is the best. or maybe he just wants to avoid my crazy when i cannot run? possibly.



have you gone on a vacation during your training? how did it go?  did you miss a day or two?  did you miss a long run? did missing a run impact your marathon in the end?








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