My Food

sometimes i think i am an odd eater.

maybe it is the look i get during break at work. “what is that?” mortadella… fennel. “what is mortadella?” kind of like Italian bologna. “what is fennel?” kind of like black licorice, but not really. “olives?!” yuck face.

“you eat a lot of nuts and berries.”  that one i like.

sometimes i laugh and silently think, “you go ahead and eat your processed, gmo, artificially everything meal… go ahead.” sigh.

then i succumb to the frozen “healthy” meal for lunch at work. after about the fourth one, i bite into something suspicious and think “why did i buy this again? oh yeah, super sale.”

luckily i have always been a healthy eater.  i would eat just too much of a healthy thing.  and sometimes i would eat too much of a bad thing, let’s not lie.

i am fortunate enough to be able to eat just about anything.  except avocados.  no need for gluten free or nut free anything for this curly haired runner girl. just cannot eat that yummy looking guac’ ever.  doesn’t matter if it is homemade or super overly processed, tummy troubles hit me later.

my frige and pantry reflect my Sicilian roots. it’s stocked with olive oil, vinegar, roma tomatoes, fennel bulbs, mozzarella/parmesan/ricotta cheese (i love cheese), cans of olive oil, dried B.O.P. (basil, oregano, parsley), almonds, cans of artichoke hearts, fresh figs from my dad’s fig tree when in season…


drawers full of fruit compliments of my dad (he loves fruit), garlic cloves, dried pasta, loaves of my mom’s Italian bread, and frige bins filled with grape tomatoes during the summer because we always plant too many.

pretty healthy, right?

2016 Vegetable Garden




this is my dinner most nights…


a ginormous salad:

romaine lettuce, diced apple, carrots, fennel, roma tomatoes, whatever cheese is available: moz/parm/cheddar, almonds, salt/pepper, olive oil, vinegar, basil and oregano



a mish, mash plate:

green onions (from our garden), tomatoes and fennel sprinkled with salt/pepper and drizzled with olive oil

parm cheese, almonds, olive mix, hummus

note: i added white pita bread to this later.  green onions are hard to eat on their own i found out even when dipping in hummus. eek.  and if i had those yummy seedy crackers i would have totally added them.


what about your food? promise no yuck face.








p.s.  i did have peas and all beef hot dogs one night for dinner. came home after a run, tossed it into a pie dish, and while taking a shower, baked it in the oven.  ok, so maybe that was oddbut i was desperate.

my husband, “what do you want for dinner tonight?  we do have peas and hot dogs in the frige.” he thinks he is soooo funny.

2 thoughts on “My Food

  1. Oh Francie. You make those of us who are full-blooded Sicilian like you, but are GMO soaked, non-organic, non-range free meat eaters, feel like glutonous fools. LOL Keep on keeping on, curly-haired athlete. You’ll live to be over 100 munching on all that good food. I’ll die relatively young and fat with half eaten processed Twinkie in my hand. “Someone pass that second cannolli please!” 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha. Na. I ate half of a large pizza a couple of weekends ago. And followed it with a half pint of Ben and Jerry’s Pistachio Pistachio. Didn’t feel bad at all. Felt wonderful. Sometimes comfort food is the best!


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