Summer Runnin’


Summer Heat

summer is here!  yay!

so not gonna lie.  i am not a summer person.  least favorite season, because it is hot and humid in these parts. yuck. most of the time i fib to people. because some people look at me like i am nuts, if i say i would rather be cold. if i had a choice between the two.  how about mid 70s to low 80s?  a compromise.

and this year a marathon in october means hot, humid training months.

i trained for a september half marathon last year and holy sweat. so i cannot imagine this year training for a full marathon. woa.

when do i run?

i have four options.


 Sunrise Run 

not my backyard.  Cancun, Mexico 2008. but pretty, no?


the night before i would have to calculate the time i would need to run and still make it to work on time.  i could sleep in my running clothes, no problem.  i could make sure my headlamp, reflective vest, watch, fuel and hydration bottle are ready to go.  but i would need extra time for stretching before and after, showering and making sure i take in the carbs/protein i needed.

that is a lot to do in the morning.  and i am super slow in the morning.

  • pro – run is done for the day.
  • con – snooze button (or is that a pro?)


  Heat of the Day Run 

coneflower. my yard.


for short runs, 3-5 miles i may be able to handle the heat.  long runs, not going to happen for this curly haired runner girl.  i sweat a lot which means i dehydrate easily and that is a recipe for disaster.

  • pro – n/a
  • con – heat stroke


 Sunset/Late Evening Run 

love the Midwest.


long runs, greater than 5, i would have more time and no worries about trying to squeeze everything in before work.  if all goes well, i can just wake up the next morning (maybe with a little stiffness), and head out the door for work.

  • pro – super quiet, minimal traffic
  • con – just too tired to run


 the gym 

there is a shower available for after.  it is close to my work.  i could go early in the morning, and i don’t have to worry about cars hitting me in the dark, a plus.

but the gym feels like the water is being sucked right out of me.  doesn’t matter the time of year.  it is uncomfortably hot and dry in there.

  • pro – able to run anytime
  • con – hot and a little hamster on a wheel like


all four sound awful.  but i am committed to this marathon training!  it will get done.  may have to try all options since my miles will vary by day.


when and where do you run during the warm months?  how do you hydrate on those long runs by the way?  any awesome hydration ideas you have?  nifty gadgets?



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