Rumble, Rumble Tummy Trouble


oh the woes of tummy distress. maybe it is the gazillion vitamins my husband sets out for me everyday? (he cares. x) or maybe it is just what i eat? sigh.  there are days i seriously feel like i will explode.

then i get on the treadmill at the gym.  is that my butt that is jiggling?  or is that my lower instestines?  should i get off this treadmill now or it if i don’t, regret it in about a minute?

i have discovered i cannot eat high fiber granola the day before a race or worse the morning of.  eek.

or is it the milk? hmm… not sure.  i do eat a lot of yogurt and sometimes ice cream.  i do not think i am lactose intolerant.  i know very little about the lactose intolerance thing, not going to lie.

too much info? na, all runners experience the… the uncertainty of whether or not we will make it to the restroom in time or just hold out until later problem.

it has been such a day runner friends.

oh, and i also cannot eat cajun, pepper sliced chicken deli meat before a run either.

so when you read those runner articles telling you to not try new foods before race day and the morning of, it is from experience. so pay attention.

my tip of the day:  happy tummy, happy runners.

x and o,



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