Day 1

Week 1, Day 1:  A Rest Day?!  Woo-hoo!

june 6th is finally here.  the first day of 18 weeks of marathon training.  i am excited and nervous. wondering what lies ahead of me. the obstacles i will have to overcome mentally and physically.

i have thought ahead and decided to minimize some of my summer routines. i will not be planting rows and rows of flowers in my beds this year to minimize outdoor maintenance. there will be flower pots and a garden to water, but they are manageable. the grass will need to be mowed and trimmed, but that will be considered a cross training day.  and my super awesome husband will help.

it will be the summer of francesca.

i have the support, and i hope, lots of understanding from friends, coworkers and family. the “why are you not drinking?!” “because it will dehydrate me too much.” or if i can’t do something because “i have to run” that morning or night understanding.

there is not much room for compromise.  just understanding.  some will.  some will not.

marathon training is a commitment.

my diet will change.  i will change.

good luck Chicago marathon trainees! xox.

Version 2   f.




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