For the Love of Shoes


if you are like me and your social news feed is filled with running posts, then you have probably seen a photo or two of a pile of running shoes.  articles discussing runners and their shoe obsession.  i used to laugh.  and i also used to tell people, “running is so cheap.  you just throw on some clothes and out the door you go.  no gym fees.” i was so naïve.

i have had two “omg those are the best running shoes ever” moments in my life.  my first pair coming back from the hiatus, were the Asics GT-1000.  i just new they were the ones. but eventually they were discontinued, the style was upgraded, and the shoes were just not the same.  my feet were not happy.  so i went through quite a few different GT pairs.  then one day after searching and searching the internet, i discovered the Asics Gel-Kayano 21 based on reviews.  i am on my second pair and have another still in the box in mint condition. because like all other favorite running shoes… poof they are gone.

First Pair


nothing like seeing wear and tear on your running shoes. makes ya feel proud.




Third and Final Pair


just waiting for me.  sooo pretty.




i have been eyeing a replacement, the Asics Gel-Nimbus 18.  wow is it super hard not to buy a pair, because i have those Kayano 21’s still in the box.

my mind says no, but my heart says buy, buy, buy!  since i may be going through shoes more often, when my weekly mileage starts to increase during my marathon training, i may need another pair.

a lesson i learned a little over a year ago runner friends… i did try a different brand of running shoes after my first official half marathon, the Brooks Adrenaline.  after about a month of running in them, i had pain in the back of my knee.  i was sidelined for three months.  i was an angry runner.  so i am sticking to my Asics. we have a special bond.

what is your number one running shoe? do you also have a go to brand? do you own a pair of the Nimbus shoes?  do you love or hate them?

do you secretly have a stock pile of running shoes?  send me a pic!

i saw this the other day.  i thought it was pretty neat.  maybe to commemorate my first marathon? a commissioned drawing of my running shoes? that would be sweet.




Version 2update!

i saw these.  o.m.g. aaaand… bought.

haha… how fun.

hope they make it until oct 9th.

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