“Hi ya!”


have you ever been on a run without your phone? forgot your pepper spray?  only to spot a scary dog ahead of you and think “crap”? anytime i start to feel scared,  i imagine how i would protect myself.  i become a jitsu expert.  or more like i would drop down into the fetal position.

about a month ago i went for a 2 mile run, the last run, before a 5k race.  since it was a short run, i figured i didn’t need a phone or pepper spray.  the wind was coming from the east, so i decided to go west and down a gravel, country road.  something i hadn’t done before.

i was running along, do-do-ta-do… trying to avoid pot holes and huge chunks of gravel, when i saw two cujo looking dogs up ahead of me.  i panicked.  i ran by like no biggie while they barked, thinking, “oh nooo… i have to turn around at some point.” otherwise i would have to take an extremely long way back home, and i was on a time constraint.  so i turned around and walked past the dogs.  one growled, the other barked, and then one ran out of the yard at me.  i freaked out.  yelling to the house loudly, really loudly, “Hey!… Hey!”  i didn’t know what to do.  so i just calmly petted him and said, “hey buddy, it’s ok.”  he jumped up on me.  then the owner came out and said something i didn’t hear.  i just yelled back, “your dogs scared the s–t out of me!  oh my G-d!” and i ran back home.

funny thing was i felt like there might have been a stone stuck in the bottom of my shoe at some point while i was running.  but i kept thinking about the dogs and was more concerned about getting home, so i just kept running.  when i took off my shoes, there was a good size stone embedded in the sole.  i had to use a screwdriver to pry it out! and it left a permanent mark.

lesson learned.  take a phone or pepper spray on runs.  really doesn’t matter where or how long the distance.

be safe runners.


Version 2   f.

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