Nom, nom, nom

food should be just fuel for the body, right?  give us the nutrients we need? well, my mind says yes and no.  sometimes it can be just comfort. do i really need that ice cream sandwich or two? mmm… probably not.

i love ice cream sandwiches.

i try to remember, and ask myself, if what is on my plate for running or is it just, “my life sucks, i deserve those last ten chocolate chip cookies in the cookie jar.” then the next morning those cookies betray me when i get on the scale.  darn eater’s remorse.

eating healthy and enough does affect my running performance. found that out early on when i started running.  i was eating mixed greens with a drizzle of olive oil dressing, almonds and a sprinkle of mozarella cheese for lunch, maybe 100-200 calories tops.  that night after a run i felt sluggish and ached.  nope not enough of something in there…

i am also a carbaphobe.  and to top it off i have Sicilian parents.  a mother who bakes me tiny loaves of love.  oh and pasta? what is pasta?  i feel like i am betraying my Sicilian roots… no pasta? i mean hello, when i was a kid my dad and i would have a contest to see who ate their pasta the fastest! but i do indulge in my mom’s homemade Italian bread and her “s” cookies.  i mean i can taste the love in every bite.  makes ya feel good.  know what i mean?  cannot be that bad.  moderation, right?

since i am aiming for the ideal bmi for my marathon this fall, i have started to be mindful of what is on my plate. but i can still scarf down some fresco hard shell tacos after a long weekend run sometimes.  other days it may be just greek yogurt with berries, almonds and honey after a long run. depends on how much time i have or how bad i have been.  every runner in training knows there are days after a run there is only time to stretch and shower, because you need to be somewhere in 15 minutes. and eating after a run is important. but sometimes i am just not hungry after a long run. i start to feel loopy.  jittery.  so i need food.  important.


i eat this a lot.


i think i was born to be a runner.  i do love protein:  eggs, almonds, salmon, chicken, yogurt, berries… broccoli (i can eat a lot of broccoli, just steamed with salt and pepper.  i know, i am weird).


any secret super foods you would like to share for pre and post runs?  any advice is welcomed. especially your secret on how to lose weight while training.  is that even possible?


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