5K Superheroes

HQ2tomorrow will be the fourth year i am running in a local 5k race, the superhero 5k, organized by the rotary club. the 5k winds through downtown and includes walkers and runners. it is a great race in the spring, and the costumes are awesome. there are batmans, harley quinns (my favorite), supermans, the flash…  and the superman theme song plays, when the first runner crosses the finish line!

i love the 5k.  i know runners who run 5k races, maybe a 10k, and nothing longer.  and their speed is amazing! my time is somewhere in the middle for my age group.  not top, but not bottom… seems to not matter the distance.

but this year i followed hal higdon’s 5k intermediate training.  normally i do not place too much thought into time until after the race results are in.  i see my time and place in my age group, cringe, criticize myself and have to remind myself i am doing this for fun.  but this year i decided to work on decreasing my time.  so i may be a little more critical of my time.

i have also discovered training for speed leads to running that is not so fun for me.  the training includes back to back running long distance.  that is not something i would normally do.  but i trust hal and have followed his training plans for a 5k to a half marathon for three years now.

the days before the race i try to keep myself adequately hydrated.  lots of water.  tonight everything i need will be laid out… my outfit, gps, music, sunglasses… i will eat a safe protein meal with a little carbohydrate mixed in.  tomorrow morning i will wake up, shower (i like to feel refreshed), eat half of a plain bagel, down a cup of coffee and hydrate again with water.

will this be the year i hit my pr?  will losing 4 pounds from last year make a difference?

every year i am nervous. it doesn’t matter the distance or how long we have been running, we all get nervous right?

to all the runners out there, running a race this weekend, you are all superheroes!






i was first place in my age group, a pr. woo-hoo! still in shock.

(excuse the selfie. my photographer, aka husband, went on a mancation this weekend.)

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