Tame the Mane

every curly runner girl knows there are bad hair days, and then there are those days where our hair looks AMAZing. unfortunately more often it is the latter.

there are three items i use to tame my mane before heading out for a run.


Buff headwear


i own four and each are unique.  i found ordering them through the company is the best way to guarantee i am getting a consistent product.

however, getting four different types of headwear has helped me decide on my favorite.  what i thought was my favorite in the beginning ended up not being my favorite later.  The original buff headwear is the best for my hairstyle.  it fits snugly, is super comfy, is extremely versatile, absorbs sweat and comes in super fun patterns (very important).  i want one in every color/pattern.  so when i purchase something on-line i usually end up with one of these in my cart.



if my hair is just long enough for two short pony tails, i put my hair up and away with two elastic hair ties. apparently i look like a fourty something year old little girl, when i do this?



bandana3ah the ol’ reliable bandana.  i wear it during a run, post shower, pre-bed or on those “just feel like it” days.  i can roll and tie it up or wear it gangst’ style.


i never run without something to tame my mane.  i sweat when i run, and hair in my face drives me crazy!  the more tamed the better.

what do you do to tame the ‘do?


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