The Winner is?

today was the big day when i found out if i made the chicago marathon lottery or not.  if i would be heading west or north, a four hour drive versus one.

i had a rough couple days at work and the training for my 5k has left me feeling low.  my running times have not been great, even when running just three miles.  i try not to think about that too much, but we all do, right? just as long as i pass casual walkers, i am good. sigh.

so i woke up at 6am this morning, made a pot of coffee and clicked “mail.”

drum roll please…



i did a silent o.m.g. and a quiet, wa-hoo.  i went upstairs to tell my sleepy husband the news.  “i am in!”  he congratulated me.  i texted my cousin (you know the one that motivated me three years ago), she congratulated me.  i called my mom, told the very few people who would not look at me like i am nuts and those that would really care.  all congratulated me.  love you guys! xox.

so here i am.  still elated with the news.  jittery.  so excited like i drank too much coffee.  well, maybe i did a little this morning.

maybe i should frame that e-mail? no? too much?

hugs and happy training marathon runners, wherever you are.


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