When it all began…

sixteen years ago, the day after thanksgiving, i took my first running steps.  i was dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie with just the basic walking/tennis shoes on. no gps. not sure i even wore a watch.  i think it went well.  don’t remember much.  but i continued running.  at that time i drove my car around to see how far i was running.  ancient times…  i had no idea how to train back then without a gps or smart phone logging my every movement and google telling me what i should and shouldn’t do.  i just ran for 30 to 40 minutes.  i did run a 10k that kicked my ass.

and then life happened, so i quit. quit for ten years.

then one march day, ten years later,  i received a phone call from my cousin, “you should run the corktown 5k with me.”  i thought she was crazy.  overweight, haven’t ran in ten years and she wanted me to run 3.1 miles?! after a lot of “but i haven’t ran in a really long time.” “but you always talk about how much you loved it,” blah, blah, blah… i agreed.  figured i could walk it, if i had too, right?  there was drinking involved during and after apparently (the race is near st patrick’s day). bonus.

i bought myself an expensive running bra, a t-shirt, new running shoes, yoga pants… you really should not do this on race day.  do not try new things, just a fyi.

so the big day came and i waited anxiously with a mass of people for the start.  and then someone said to me “i cannot believe she talked you into this.” say what?! in my mind that meant i don’t think you can do this what-so-ever.  so right then and there i decided, “i am going to run this whole flippin’ thing.  i’ll show you!”  oh i did.  All 3.1 at 15:52/mile, and i could not walk straight without the help of a motrin 800 for four days.  was scary.  but i healed and continued to run, 30 minutes every other day. that may i ran a 5k, august a 10k and that november my own half.  i would list my times, but no need to bore you to death.

three years later with a total of four half marathons logged, i am preparing for my first marathon.



what is your story?  ran since birth, high school? you are a new runner? awesome! you can run a half under two? or a marathon under three?!  jealous. would love to hear from you.


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