The Big Decision

three 5ks, one 10k and four half marathons later, i have decided to run the marathon.  no biggie.  just 26.2 miles. holy gps.

so this march i entered the lottery for the chicago marathon.  i have twelve days until i find out if i made that percentile of guaranteed entries.  eek.  longest wait ever.  but i do have a backup – the detroit marathon.  each are in october and a week apart.  i am committed.

i have booked hotels, googled parking and pinned restaurants… best farm to table, best donut… you know the important stuff.  i have pinned what to bring, eat, wear, and do’s and don’ts.  i am a planner.

so until then i have a superhero 5k (my fourth year) on april 30th to keep me motivated.  my marathon training doesn’t begin until june 5th or jun 12th (depending on which marathon i enter) so i plan on enjoying those weeks of training free.  i plan on reaching my ideal bmi also to lower my chance of injuries and decrease my running time.  especially when that weekly mileage starts creeping up and up.

i will keep you posted.

until next time… happy running!



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